Businesses for Sale in the ACT

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) which is found in the south-eastern corner of New South Wales is home to the capital city of Australia, Canberra and Australia's Parliament House.

With a population of approx 358,000, Canberra's unemployment rate is well below the national figures.

Buying an already established business for sale in Canberra seems to be a growing trend. With the disposable income figures available for the average individual indicating that it is the highest in the nation, people are seriously considering investing in this city.

If you are an existing resident or thing about making the move, check out some of our ACT businesses for sale below and make contact with the business owners directly.

Popular Suburbs in Australian Capital Territory

Below we have a list of cities in the Australian Capital Territory which have recently had business for sale listings added to them. For a complete list of Australian Capital Territory cities please visit Businesses for Sale in Australian Capital Territory.