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Brand new Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Trailer. You like Pizza? You like Money? Its a match made in heaven!

Hi my name is Lachlan and I would be happy to answer any questions that you have. Instead of me trying to "sell you" on this amazing opportunity. How about I let a couple of guys who are out there regularly making pizza and making money tell you what its like. "I cannot tell you how much this business has changed my life. I can work part time and make a full time living. Yes, in one job at a good venue, I can make more than what many people make in a whole week. There is opportunity all over my area to operate my trailer. Wherever there are markets, fetes, sporting events, company gatherings, presentations, truck stops, parties and large events where you get a 1000 people there, I will be selling 12 inch Pizza with 2 cans of drinks for $20. I can sell 100-200 pizzas at a large event. I also get enquiries for people who want to hire the trailer for their own home events. So you can see how big you can make this business if you want or you may just want to do it part time. It's all up to you. Some guys work it on the weekend and then take the rest of the week off. That's what I love about this business and it gives me the freedom to do what I want. I am also passionate about my pizzas and love cooking. Its not hard to learn to cook pizzas. You don't have to have any experience. You can learn it in a couple of hours." Ben - Italian Wood Fired Pizza "I used to work as a traffic controller and needed a change of direction. Owing a business was always a dream and then I came across these trailers. I contacted the guys who talked me through the whole process, organised finance and today I am the proud owner of my own Wood fired Pizza trailer business. Thanks guys. I got the change in direction in life I was looking for. The trailer is a great build. Has everything needed to for private or council events" Phil Tooth - Poppy's Wood fired Pizza Trailer   Wood Fire Pizza Trailers has given people a great business opportunity without the expenses of a shop-front or franchise fees. It can be worked part time of full time. You can have one trailer or multiple trailers. You can service large events and also service the lucrative home parties like 21sts 30ths 40ths and engagement parties. This business is also fun and will bring you a lot of satisfaction as patrons enjoy a great tasting pizza made in a authentic wood fired pizza oven. For years we have sold hundreds of Pizza ovens for people to enjoy in their back yards. Our ovens are very unique in that they are made from crushed bricks from old Kilns. We mix this in with concrete and this retains the heat in the chamber. Not so long ago we decided it would be great to make the ultimate trailer to match the ultimate pizza oven. It would need to be equipped to service both public and private venues. So we got working on it and came up with a very diverse trailer that has all the bells and whistles and also meets the health regulations for public venues. We then decided to put it out on the road and to make money and realized we could make more money on the weekend selling pizza than most people make working all week. It was too easy. We then decided to make another trailer as we had a dream to operate 3-4 trailers in our area. Two trailers we like to keep at permanent sites like Truck stops and Service stations while the other trailers can go to temporary venues like markets or fetes and home parties. We could not believe how easy it is to get the work. We would just check on the local councils website to see what was coming up in the area. We contacted schools to find out when the yearly fetes and sports days were on. We check the local show grounds to see what venues would be coming up. We check up on local sports and net ball venues to see if we could have the trailer there during the sports days on the weekends. Many of these venues did not even ask for any money for us to be there. Some just wanted the food to be available. The lists of places to go just go on and on. We advertised at these venues that we also do parties at homes and we started to get lots of work this way. We have been getting plenty of work by word of mouth but some people that have bought our trailers use a small website for advertising parties. The trailer is made locally in Sydney and we only have the capacity to make 2-3 trailers a month. As soon as we build another one it seems we have some ready to buy it. We are now working on a smaller trailer without all the extra things needed for a public venues. These trailers will be cheaper but will only be capable to be at private parties. We are really committed to helping people who want to work for themselves and do what we do which is cook pizzas and make money. You have come to the right place! We've spent considerable time & research developing a mobile wood fired pizza oven trailer that will allow you to successfully open up your very own catering or food truck business right away. Read more details about our trailer or contact us to learn more about this exciting opportunity.  The small Trailer is $15,000 + GST The Deluxe Trailer (Our most popular) is $30,000 + GST  The website is www. Email me direct at

Region Kenthurst, New South Wales Price $15000 to 30000