Buying or Starting a Business in Western Australia


Western Australia offers investors a vast array of energy and mineral resources, is well-known for its fish and food production, and provides service industries for those commercial sectors that are both up-to-date and very efficient.

In regard to international trade, the state produces better than one-third of the country’s exports with on-tenth of Australia’s population. It also produces 66% of the country’s exports to China, 42% of its exports to India, and 33% of the Australia’s exports to Japan.

If you are interested in a start-up or purchasing a business for sale in Perth Western Australia, you will find that the opportunities available there are plentiful. Today, Western Australia is focused on increasing international trade with both Indian Ocean rim countries and Asia.

It is also generally acknowledged that the prospects for long-term growth in those areas are considerable.

The Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC), which has four key components, strives to encourage economic growth, reduce regulatory restrictions on the private sector, and provide essential services to small businesses in Western Australia through the Small Business Centre.

Major Industries in Western Australia

Because of the state’s natural resources, the safety of conducting business in a first-world country with a stable political environment, and its receptiveness to overseas investment, the presence of service and global resource companies here is significant.

In addition, the noticeable increase in the area’s workforce has resulted from the expansion of mining companies in their effort to meet the growing demand from Asia. The infrastructure has received considerable attention in Western Australia, and there is active recruitment of teachers and hospital workers as well.

Businesses in the country have also sponsored international talent-search road shows that provide jobs for skilled workers in engineering, mining, construction and other industries.

Financing your Business

The City Of Perth offers cash grants to small businesses there ranging from $500 to $2,000. The funds may be used for a business start-up, expanding an established business, purchasing equipment, or other innovative projects that are business-related. The goal is to support those businesses that benefit the city’s residents or business community in a significant way.

To qualify for one of these grants, a company must do the following:

  • Obtain an Australian Business number,

  • Possess the required authorities and insurance cover,

  • Meet the SBDC’s description of a small business.

All of these requirements can be met with the help of

The latter requires a company to be unaffiliated with any other business venture.

Also, the owners/managers must be the principal decision makers and contribute at least a major portion of the business’ operating capital.

Note also that the Small Business Smart Business Program will provide a maximum of $200 for employee training that will assist in improving the productivity of any small business in Western Australia.