Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Online


It is difficult to understand why some businesses do not invest in a professional website in this day and age of the internet. But there are in fact many companies who do not have their own internet presence.

After conducting a survey, we found that some of the most common reasons given for not taking their business online include:

  • It costs too much;
  • It is too much hassle;
  • I already have a social media page for my business.

The cost of a professionally designed website will pay for itself in added revenue and it can also become a value asset to your business. And, if you are just a little Internet savvy, then you can use FREE website templates to make your own site and save a ton of money, such as wordpress.

Social media pages are also used to enhance a company’s Internet presence. But if your company only is relying on social media to be your only Internet presence, then you are only doing part of the job and therefore, only reaping part of the benefits.

It Is Convenient For Your Customers

Whether they are using a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet; your customers are using the Internet to find the businesses they want to spend money with. If you are not online, then your customers cannot find you and you will miss out on that business.

Saying that it is too much hassle to put up a website is the equivalent of saying that it is too much hassle to put a sign over your business’ front door. If you want your customers to be able to find you, then you need a website.

You Can Control The Information About Your Company

Social media has a way of twisting information and making the perceived message sound very different than its original intention. After you post a bit of information about your company, that post gets buried on social media under all of the responses and other items people see on their social media accounts.

When you have a website, you can keep your customers updated on what your company is up to and offer accurate information about your company’s activities. A press release printed on your website can be easily accessed by a single link that can be posted as many times as you need to post it. When you have your own website, you can make sure that accurate information gets out to the public and you can preserve your company’s reputation.

You Can Sell More Products

If you are a retail store, then sell your products online. If you are a service provider, then offer online coupons that customers can redeem for your services. When you have a company website, you can:

  • Set up an online store that takes advantage of international exposure to customers all over the world;
  • Offer price promotions that customers will see and use;
  • Enhance your brick and mortar location with printable coupons that customers can bring to your location;
  • Network with the many retail sales platforms online and significantly expand your business’ exposure to customers.

You Can Go International

If you own a little shop that sells handmade clocks, then you probably rely on walk-in business and maybe some exposure from your social media pages. With a proper business website, you can expand your audience to include clients from all over the world. Before you know it, you will be selling clocks to Switzerland and expanding your revenue several times over.

The Internet is a direct pipeline to customers all over the world. When you invest in a professional business presence, you can start selling products to clients in countries that you have never even been to.

The Internet allows you to establish a strong international business presence without ever having to leave your own neighborhood, while building ‘brand awareness’ at the same time.

The revenue-generating power of the Internet has reached the point that it is impossible to ignore. The longer you wait to put your business online, the more money that you are losing each and every day.

To maximize your company’s business potential, you must invest in a proper and professional Internet website and bring your business into the new age!