Campeones Cleaning Services Pty Ltd

  • Campeones Cleaning Services Pty Ltd
  • Campeones Cleaning Services Pty Ltd
  • Campeones Cleaning Services Pty Ltd
  • Campeones Cleaning Services Pty Ltd
  • Campeones Cleaning Services Pty Ltd

Our business has been operating for more than 8 years in commercial and residential cleaning services. We provide services to different real estates companies as well as some subcontractors who provide services for the government.

Our business is well organized and holds an excellent reputation in the Stonnington. The main focus is to work in the commercial cleaning sector for builders, real estates, and window cleaning.

A well-designed website and corporate email will be provided to develop the business in a professional manner. In addition, all marketing strategy is already set up, we have material such as:
 - Physical invoices
 - Stamps
 - Business stickers
 - Cars with the company's logo
 - Uniforms, and
 - Templates for business cards

The equipment available includes:
 - 6 Vacuums
 - Buffer
 - Steam carpet cleaner machine
 - 5 ladders
 - Hydrolire power to clean windows with purifying water system
 - Buckets
 - High-quality poles
 - Industrial water high-pressure machine

In addition, our employees are trained and can perform commercial and residential tasks.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Don't miss this great opportunity to start with our business in one of the best areas in Melbourne.

Market Conditions & Competitionwe have a lot of demand in the residential area as we are located in an area surrounded by family residences who have kids and require cleaning of their property at least 2-3 days a week. we are surrounded by various real estates agencies and we currently work for 3 branches of one of the most prestigious one in the Stonnington area.
we are also currently working builders, to clean residents right after construction. This area has a lot of opportunity and potential for expansion.

In terms of our competitors, we have quite a few in the area, but the highest share of them are individuals who are casually working in this sector, rather than companies. However, our biggest competitor ( a company) also working in the Stonnington, tends to charge higher rates and provide a much lower quality and does not uphold the best reputation in the market.

Financial Summaryin terms of income:
- House cleaning provides regular income with the highest demand in summer
- There also a high portion of income from end of lease cleaning throughout the year
- As for income from after construction cleaning, it fluctuates as the provision of services is quite occasional
- In addition, services provided to the real estate also provide a regular income

As for expenses:
- There aren't usually any unexpected costs
- labour expenses contribute to the highest proportion of costs and it accounts for approximately 50 percent on the total costs
- the other costs consist of cleaning supplies and material hire

Training & SupportWe can provide training in terms of marketing strategies, teach how to work with our invoice systems, as well as how to run and function the business' operations. In addition, we can provide additional support by introducing you to our existing clients, in order to build trust.

Reason for SellingMoving to another city

Location City: MelbourneState: Victoria CategoryCleaning

Weekly RevenueN/A Monthly Revenue$Based on 2017 figures, monthly revenue is approximately 6,190 Annual Revenue$In 2017 we made an annual revenue of 74,274.42 where as in 2016 it was 77,261.82

Contact PersonRosita Largos Price$60,000 Year Established2014

Phone+61434039542 Cashflow$N/A EmployeesWe have five casual employes and one working full

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