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Vending Machine businesses in Australia usually cater the following products: beverages (soft drinks and water), snacks and toys to the consumer automatically.

Skill testers are another form of vending machine which involves the customer inserting money at which point the user has to perform certain challenges.

If a vending machine is located in a high foot traffic area, the returns for this machine can be thousands of dollars per week. All that is required by the owner is to simply turn up, empty the till and re-stock the vending machine.

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Vending Machine Business For Sale

This vending machine business for sale has been well established for 12 years and provides a large variety of vending machines to offices and work places throughout Melbourne.   There is an extensive variety of modern, attractive vending machines with a range of products from healthy options to the traditional chips, lollies and soft drinks.  The machines are fully electronic with note readers and coin mechanisms, which are capable of giving change.   The business is a relatively easy operation and the process of filling and maintaining the machines could be completed in 4 days, allowing for a 3 day weekend every week!  Enjoy the flexible work hours that this business provides.    Currently generating a turnover of $400,000 per annum, the business has low overheads (renting warehouse space for $365 per month on a monthly basis)  and makes an excellent profit.    For further information contact Chris Panagiotidis or Elle Likopoulos on 9566 7300 or by email at 

Region Melbourne, Victoria Price $P.O.A