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Managing a manufacturing business involves a lot of factors that many other business owners needn't be concerned with.

The issues of managing component inventories and delivery, scheduling production, testing and shipping and sometimes large headcounts with various levels of supervision... these all play an important role in a successful manufacturing operation.

Do you have previous experience in the manufacturing industry? Are you currently employed at a manufacturing firm, but have been looking to start your own business?

If so, you may want to consider buying an already established manufacturing business and make your dream a reality! The manufacturing niche continues to do well in Australia as the demand for mass produced products for the retail sector climbs. In the right market, wholesaling or retailing can both yield substantial profit margins.

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Antibacterial Cutting Boards & Grazing Platter Manufacturer ABM ID #6099

Is “THIS THE WORLD’S MOST HYGIENIC CUTTING BOARD?”™ This is an excellent opportunity to purchase this well-established manufacturer and exporter of Camphor Laurel Cutting Boards & Grazing Platters. The business currently operates from their workshop located in a light industrial area of a Sunshine Coast town. The business specialises in the manufacturing of a wide range of small, medium and large wooden Camphor Laurel Cutting Boards & Grazing Platters. Other products include pizza boards, paddles and signs for businesses. All cutting boards are one of a kind with no two pieces looking alike either in colour or character. Camphor Laurel has been university tested and is proven to be naturally and permanently antibacterial which makes it suitable for all food types (cutting or food presentation). Their WORLD EXCLUSIVE independent NATA certified laboratory tests show that their products are naturally and permanently antibacterial. The vendor has trademarked the catchphrase ‘Is this THE WORLDS MOST HYGIENIC CUTTING BOARD?’ Trademarks are also held in the USA, Taiwan, UK and China. Marketing through 15 international distributors has started via 11 social media sites, website marketing and press releases through PR NEWSWIRE service. They believe they are the only company in the World to have these tests done. Their products are available online and in stores in China, South Korea, India, New Zealand, USA, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and The Middle East. In Australia, they have approximately 300 outlets which include numerous IGA’s, Foodland’s and Harris Farm Markets. 2020 update – This year the business has expanded rapidly as the World Health Organisation has recommended people use different cutting boards for raw and cooked foods to help prevent the spread of Corona Virus. Big sales in South Korea, China and Costco Australia have lead to the business employing three more staff to keep up with demand. The cutting boards will go on sale on Amazon India in February and Amazon UK in March. Leasehold Sale Price $875,000+SAV ABM ID #6099

Region Sunshine Coast Mc, Queensland Price $875,000+SAV