Want to Own a Coffee Machine Business?


A great boost for anyone considering a business where the perfect balance of a great income and a time friendly lifestyle can gel in harmony.

You can work only two days a week with the machines offered to make a minimum of $700 (when all machines are sighted). You can use this to supplement your current income, or build onto it with more machines.

Number of Machines

Currently there are five machines sighted at football clubs, so this avenue is ripe to build on. You can also concentrate on sighting them in businesses where they need coffee machines.

What is Inlcuded

You will be given the naming rights to the ‘Magic Aroma @work’ brand. Yes, the business has a Trade Mark! Also Included are marketing items, such as website, business card design, letterhead design, and other components. The buyer can then design them as they wish.

Future Employment

This can be the beginning to something bigger, because whoever takes this on board with the right enthusiasm, will be offered casual employment in the sellers current business, which is also a very well established coffee machine business, operating throughout Melbourne.

This can be viewed as a type of business partnership, where both parties will benefit.

The buyer will benefit from the brand and the knowledge, training and support of the seller or vendor and the seller will have the support and a reliable co-worker needed to grow both businesses and add flexibility when it comes to some holiday time.

No Ongoing Fees

The seller does not ask for any ongoing fees like in franchises, but some legal paperwork will need to be agreed upon and signed to protect the investment of the seller and that of the buyer.

Fresh Products

The coffee machines provide the user with quick and easy operation and the coffee tastes great. We use quality fresh beans, roasted here in Melbourne but any quality bean will be just fine.

Another good aspect of these machines is that they use fresh milk from a refrigerator placed along side, providing cafe quality cappuccino or latte.

Machines Maintenance

The machines are made in Switzerland by Jura and are quite reliable. Once a year professional service is needed, but this can be done by anyone who is tech savvy.

For more information about this business opportunity please visit Coffee Machine Business.