Take Your Business Online or Die a Slow Death


Technology causes the business world to constantly evolve and that includes the ways in which companies communicate with their customers.

While print advertising is still an important part of any company’s marketing plan, it no way near as effective as it once was and as a result, there has to be an online element if that company wants to survive.

The most important part of any online business strategy is a good website. An online presence also includes:

  • Social media marketing;
  • Link development;
  • Affiliate advertising;
  • Content marketing;
  • Blog development;
  • Video production.

All of these online business elements work in conjunction with your offline marketing to develop a strong client base. While the offline elements are important to your company’s overall exposure, the lack of an online presence would be fatal to the future success of your organization.

You Must Change With The Times

If you do not start to invest in an online presence for your business, then you can expect to be left behind by your competitors who do invest in online marketing.

Customers enjoy the convenience and instant response that comes with Internet interaction and you can utilize the Internet to build revenues, while expanding your customer base.

The Internet allows millions of people around the world to communicate and do business. If you do not resolve to take your business online right now, then you can expect your company to die a slow death over the coming years.

Getting your company online is not only easy, but it is what you have to do if you want to find the kind of success that your organization deserves.

Is Your Business Social?


Social Media is one of the most important aspects of online marketing in today’s society and as you can see from the graph, this is a very popular trend for small business owners.

Social media is an excellent addition to your online marketing efforts, but some business owners try to pass of a social media page as the company website and this is simply not good enough.

Investing in a real website allows you to establish your own Internet presence and it also presents a very professional image for your company.

Make Sure It’s Mobile Compatible


Another important element is making sure that your website is mobile friendly (responsive).

With over 50% of all websites traffic now coming from mobile devices such as iPhone (smart phones), iPad and all Android devices, not having a mobile friendly design would result in your website losing at least 50% of potential business immediately.

Google recently made a Mobile algorithm update to give websites a ranking boost who were mobile friendly.

If you would like to test your existing website to see if it is mobile friendly, you can use Google’s Mobile Friendly Testing Tool.

Customers Find Your Business Online


It is estimated that 72 percent of the Australian population is online looking for information, products and services. That means that your lack of an online presence is causing you to be ignored by seven out of every 10 consumers and that is a ratio that does not point to long-term success.

People go online for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To get the latest news;
  • To connect with family and friends;
  • To be entertained;
  • To find and buy products and services;
  • To learn about a variety of topics.

If you are not online, then your company does not exist to these potential clients.

If consumers are going online to find and buy products, then that means that you have a large audience of potential customers you could be talking to. If you are not online, then you are missing out on excellent ways to connect with your current customers and reach out to prospective new clients. Millions of potential customers are online waiting for you to contact them, but you cannot take advantage of that audience if you do not have an online presence.

Build Trust With Repeat Customers

Your competition is using the Internet to reach out to its clients and create stronger bonds of trust. Those strong bonds of trust lead to repeat revenue and make it much harder for your business to sway those customers in your direction.

The ability for customers and companies to communicate online is an excellent and convenient way to build the trust that keeps repeat customers coming back again and again.

Introduce New Products And Promotions

The Internet allows your company the ability to deliver new product release information and promotional advertising instantly to millions of people.

Whether you are trying to reach a local audience or an audience around the world, an online presence will allow you to deliver your message quickly and effectively.

Interact With Clients

One of the most important methods for growing a company is to use input from customers to improve a product or service. In fact, this should be encouraged. Its always good to hear customers positive and negative feedback as most business owners see their businesses through rose coloured glasses.

Shoot out a short questionnaire to existing and new clients. You cannot put a price on this information.

The Internet allows you to interact instantly with your customer base and get the exact information you need to improve your revenue.

The Internet also allows you to solve customer issues and deliver information to new customers in a matter of seconds. It is the kind of convenience that customers prefer and it is the way that business is being done now and will be done in the future.

A Website Allows You To Compete With The Big Boys

One of the most significant reasons that today’s consumer look for a company website is not only from a convenience point of view, but they are also looking some comfort, authority and trust in your business.

Obviously big brands already have this, but a strong online presence will allow you to compete with the bigger more recognizable brands within your niche.

A professional company website expands your customer base and can make your company look much bigger than it really is.

Don’t Sell Your Business Before Going Online

While it is important to fix up your retail locations and make your office look as professional as possible, a good website also plays a strong role in dictating the price you will get for your business.

If you do not have a professional website for your business, then you need to have one up and running before you put your business on the market.

The investment you make in a real website will pay for itself in increased sales and in a higher selling price for your business.