Make 100% Profit from this Home Business Opportunity


The ONLY Work From Home Business Where YOU Make 100% Profit!

This business is giving people proven ways to produce multiple streams of income and is producing outrageous results!

Have you ever wanted to own a successful Franchise? We can show you a more profitable Business Model an Online Franchise.

A turn key system that works for you 24/7 You get the resale rights in a Professional 200 Billion Dollar Product Market.

The largest profits in the direct selling industry 100% direct to you! There is a One time licensing fee on the products, no Franchise fees.

Serious About Making Money

We have been business owners for 30 years and looked at 100’s of home businesses and none measures up to this. It has everything we look for. If you are serious about success, CHECK IT OUT!

This business is more popular than ever and is making us the most income of any business that we’ve personally been involved with so we thought it would be a good idea to give you the REAL scoop on this HIGH-TICKET direct sales business .

One thing we’ve learned since getting into the home business industry full-time in 2006 is that TEAM and SUPPORT are essential keys to an individual’s success. The training and support that we provide to new members is the best we’ve ever seen and, because of that, more people are making money which is the bottom line.

No Selling!

Hate selling? No problem all your sales are closed for you by our sales team.

Also we have a system where leads will be calling you.

What Exactly is this Business?

This business has a proven 6 year track record of success. It is a direct sales business that markets lifestyle. Sure, there are 6 product packages that we’ll cover in a bit but what we really sell is “Lifestyle”.

The opportunity for people from any background and experience level to start their own home business that has the potential to earn them a 6 figure income in their very first year.

There are products – along with the Master Resale Rights to resell those packages – that make this business legal and operate similar to a “mini-franchise”. The products are divided up into 6 different product packages.

To get started a person needs to purchase the product package of their choice and that purchase includes the Master Resale Rights I mentioned above.

How Much Does It Cost?

We want to get this out of the way early because we know you’re wondering!

The cost to get involved includes the ONE-TIME cost of the product package you choose plus a ONE-TIME admin fee that covers your websites, hosting, etc.

There are NO on-going monthly or annual fees excluding your marketing expenses which you’d have no matter what business you were working.

The 6 packages are:

  • Bronze: $500 plus $195 admin fee;
  • Silver: $2,000 plus $196 admin fee;
  • Gold: $3.500 plus $197 admin fee;
  • Platinum: $6,500 plus $248 admin fee;
  • Diamond: $12,000 plus $298 admin fee;
  • Elite: $20,000 plus $485 admin fee.

We previously owned 3 traditional businesses for 22 years and so we found it a refreshing change to be able to run an online business from home around our four children.

You might be thinking to yourself “who would pay that much money to get started in a home business?”

We are here to tell you that there are plenty of people, from all over the world who will BECAUSE the income potential is MUCH GREATER and MUCH FASTER than anything we have ever seen before.

People looking to start a traditional business or franchise, people fed up working for a boss, but don’t have the start up money for a traditional business.

There is no longer any job stability or guarantees and there are many baby boomers that don’t have enough money put away for their retirement.

What Are The Products?

The products are digital audios and videos from some of the top experts in the field of personal growth and business development, marketing and entrepreneurial education. These products have tremendous value and help all members in their daily lives and their business.

BUT, like I mentioned earlier, the real value comes with the master resale rights that allows us to resell the packages and earn big commissions on each sale.

Ask to hear about our product reviews. Larry O made $40,000 from using just one of our products.

How Do You Get Paid?

You are only qualified to receive commissions UP TO the product package that you personally own.

For example, our most popular package by far is the GOLD PACKAGE for $3,500. So, if you’re qualified at the GOLD level, then you can earn commissions on ALL Bronze, Silver and Gold package sales.

You can upgrade at any time by paying the admin fee for the level you’re looking to upgrade to PLUS the difference between the product package you own and the product package you’re upgrading to.

For example, to upgrade from Gold To Platinum would cost a $248 admin fee PLUS $3,000.

  • You are paid direct into your bank account;
  • How Do You Find Qualified Prospects?;
  • This is the key to success (and making money) in any business and is a VERY IMPORTANT question for people starting a home based business in 2014 BECAUSE many start a home business with little to no marketing experience.

This is where we, as experienced marketers, come into play. There are many traffic driving strategies that will produce good results but some are complicated. We start all new people off using 1 SIMPLE YET VERY EFFECTIVE marketing system that works to generate qualified prospects literally within 48-72 hours of starting your business.

The simplicity and speed in which you can get your business up and running is one of our BIGGEST SELLING POINTS!

To find out how we can help you achieve YOUR Dream Lifestyle CALL Sue and Jerry Smart on 02 99017092 or 0417461540 or visit our listing details at :

Revolutionary Home Business Opportunity