How to Write an Effective Business for Sale Advertisement


Selling your business requires the proper marketing, just like any other business transaction you will ever make. If you want to bring in more clients, then you need to have an effective advertising campaign to compel your target audience to patronize your business. The more people your advertising reaches, the more options you will have to complete a sale.

You can apply the same concept to selling your business as well. A well-crafted advertisement will increase the number of potential suitors you will have who will be interested in buying your business. Remember that people will only know that your business is for sale if you tell them. An effective business for sale advertisement will do just that.

Make The Business Information Clear

Your advertising headline should include your business name and the fact that the business is for sale. People who recognize the business name will instantly want confirmation that it is your business which is for sale and not some other business with a similar name. That is why the opening of your advertisement needs to have your company’s important information right up front.

The opening of your advertisement should include:

  • Your company’s street address;
  • Your company’s phone number;
  • Your company’s website address.

That is the information which potential buyers will need to confirm that it is your business and that they are interested in buying. The positive reputation of your business will add even more strength to your advertising message.

Mention Why You Are Selling

It is human nature for people to assume the worst when they read a business for sale advertisement. You can put all of those fears for rest when you explain in your advertisement exactly why you are selling your business.

If you want people to continue to read your business for sale advertisement, then they need a reason to keep reading. A logical reason for selling will keep interested parties reading and could get your phone to start ringing.

Point Out Business Highlights

Has your business experienced growth the last several consecutive years? Then that is a positive piece of information that you will want to give people interested in buying your business.

The most important thing to remember about business highlights is that you will be asked to back up each and every one with proof. If you are going to say that your business has experienced double-digit growth the past few years, then you better have the financial data to prove it.

Mention Any Important Elements You Are Selling With The Business

When you are selling a restaurant, any potential buyers will want to know if you are including the ovens with the sale or not.

Some business owners sell off company assets when they sell the business to try and get as much as they can before they sell the company. These kinds of situations can usually lead to lawsuits if the buyer expected those assets to be left behind.

The details for these kinds of things are, of course, best left for the sales contract. But you can entice a buyer by mentioning that the kitchen ovens are indeed included in with the sale, and so are the cash registers.

Put The Correct Contact Information

Do not assume that people will know who to call if they are interested in buying your business. Your business for sale advertisement needs to have the proper contact information clearly listed. If the contact information is for someone other than yourself, then be sure to mention that in the advertisement.

For example, some business owners prefer to have potential buyers contact the owners’ attorneys instead of the owners directly.

The best way to kick off your campaign to sell your business is with a well-written business for sale advertisement. When you include the information that prospective buyers need to see, then you significantly increase the chances that your phone will ring.