How to to Buy a Sumo Salad Franchise


If you have ever wanted to own your own business, then one way to hit the ground running is to buy a franchise.

A franchise offers benefits such as:

  • An established reputation with customers;
  • An accounting process that is already proven and effective;
  • A design for your facility that customers are already familiar with.

If you choose a franchise that customers are familiar with, then you dramatically increase your chances of success.

Over the past few of years, the Sumo Salad franchise has become very popular and can be a great investment for your first franchise.

What is Sumo Salad?

Sumo Salad was started by two entrepreneurs from Sydney, Australia named Luke Baylis and James Miller.

The duo had spent time in the United States and immediately noticed that obesity was a runaway problem for Americans.

The solution they came up with was a restaurant where customers could create their own salads and forget the burger and fries.

After some time in New York City, the pair came home and started their first Sumo Salad restaurant in 2003 in Sydney, Australia. Luke and James were convinced that customers would embrace a healthy alternative to fast food, so long as there were plenty of options for customers to choose from.

They were right and the first Sumo Salad was a success!

What Is The Current Status Of Sumo Salad?

Over the years, Sumo Salad has developed a variety of formats that have helped the company to fit into a wide range of locations.

The company offers formats such as:

  • Kiosk style
  • In-line cafe
  • Express restaurant
  • Shopping malls
  • Stand-alone locations
  • Airports
  • Railway stations
  • Entertainment venues

Presently, there are over 160 Sumo Salad locations around the world. The company is offering a wide variety of franchise opportunities for anyone interested in starting their own business that has a record of success behind it.

How Do You Buy A Sumo Salad Franchise?

There is much more to buying a franchise than simply contacting the company and signing a piece of paper. There are several legal and financial considerations, along with the logistics of finding the ideal location.

With Sumo Salad, the plan is to grow as part of an existing business corridor. Which means that all available Sumo Salad locations are either in or very near to existing groups of businesses.

The first place to start your search for a Sumo Salad franchise is the Sumo Salad website.

When you visit the SumoSalad website, you can find out information on the company and many of the details you need to make your decision.

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