Boost Juice Franchises Are a Wise Investment


Looking for a franchise for sale? Ever heard of Boost Juice? You most likely have.

Boost Juice is a franchise idea that is booming in Australia. The story of Boost Juice is a fascinating tale about one lady’s desire to get her good ideas out to as many people as possible.

After hearing the story of Boost Juice, you will understand why so many people are investing in franchises all over the country.

That being said, any investor should still take the time to learn as much as possible about a company before putting money into a franchise.

The Story Of Janine Allis

Janine Allis and her husband Jeff had looked through a wide variety of business ideas before using their own surroundings as the inspiration for what would become Boost Juice. As a mother of four, health is extremely important to Janine and she noticed that there was a severe lack of healthy choices for consumers.

Some of her initial observations were that:

  • There was no place for people to bring their families to get healthy food and snack products;
  • The retail shelves in stores lacked healthy options for everyone in the family;
  • There were almost no companies turning healthy snacks into big businesses.

Janine and Jeff decided to start a company that not only delivered healthy food options to consumers on the go, but also put healthy foods on the retail shelves for families to take home.

She started in a small Australian town and her idea has become popular all over the world.

This Was A Franchise Business From The Start

Despite her lack of real financial resources, Janine never looked at Boost Juice as a single location type of business.

When she was working in that first location, she was thinking about the things that make a franchise successful, such as:

  • Developing a process for running a successful business that could be replicated anywhere;
  • Paying attention to the details of running a successful Boost Juice location that would help franchise owners to generate revenue;
  • Cataloging the mistakes she made so that she could help future franchise owners avoid those mistakes.

There was never a question in Janine’s mind that she was creating a franchise business, which helped her to look at her business in a productive way.

Since she knew she would be selling franchises, she paid close attention to each detail and developed a business that could be replicated anywhere.

The Products Caught On As Well

No franchise can succeed without good products and Boost Juice’s drinks and energy bars are extremely popular. The menu at any Boost Juice location has been carefully created to appeal to the family looking for healthy eating options.

As time has gone by, Boost Juice has altered that menu to reflect the buying trends of consumers and that has resulted in a product offering that is set up to be successful in any market.

Investing In A Boost Juice Franchise for Sale Is A Good Idea

The Boost Juice name is becoming popular all over the world and, if there is no Boost Juice location in your area, then there is a large audience of people who are waiting for one. The products have been tested over and over again and are designed to be the very best in the industry.

The process of owning a Boost Juice franchise opportunity has been refined to the point where any franchise owner can get a Boost Juice location off the ground and generating revenue quickly.

The Boost Juice product line enhances its sales by offering popular retail products that mimic the products in the various locations. The marketing and product coverage offered by Boost Juice is dynamic and extremely comprehensive, which makes a Boost Juice franchise an excellent investment.

Janine and Jeff Allis looked over dozens of potential businesses before starting their own franchise company. Now the Allis’ are giving people all over the world the chance to tap into their success and start their own Boost Juice franchises.

With a strong marketing presence and a growing demand for the product, investing in a Boost Juice franchise for sale is becoming an idea that entrepreneurs are finding difficult to ignore.